why is my bougainvillea dropping leaves

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Nell. Also, watering every 2 days is too much unless they’re in 6″ pots in a hot climate. It has been my experience that bougainvilleas will lose their leaves and look dead sometimes. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Insecticidal soap is a good low-impact pesticide to use on indoor pests. About a month ago I bought 3 bougainvillias, they are in 17 inch pots. The most common reasons are: the plant is too dry, it has an infestation of spider mites or it’s due to the weather changing (winter coming on & the days & evenings are getting cooler). What was I not doing? Too little light will cause the leaves to fall off. After all, the tropics get a heck of a lot more rain than we do. Nell. Why is my bougainvillea leaves turning yellow? Thank you for helping us spread the word & make the world a more beautiful place! If in pots, move them to a warmer location such as a greenhouse, shed or garage where the temperature remains above 50 degrees F. Water about once a month during this time. It got drenched three days in a row from heavy rains. Although low maintenance, they sometimes suffer heavy losses of leaves in the summertime. I live in central Florida. This post may contain affiliate links. Thank you, Now half of the leaves have fallen after turning yellow. […], Your email address will not be published. Oh, I love to create so you’ll find a bit of that in the mix along with lots of videos too. Even though the leaves are dropping, there are lots of flowers already open & lots soon to open. My initial experience with the Bougainvillea leaf droppage issue had me scratching my head. It was not in bloom at all. You can read our policies here. Please could you advise me what I can do about this. Hi Diane – Even bougainvillea is a tough plant, they don’t like to have their roots disturbed. They can also be treated with a mixture of vegetable oil, water and dish detergent. Bougainvillea can also have deficiencies in specific nutrients. Any suggestions other than to be there next time the house is washed AND refuse chlorine wash? Hi Karen – That’s the best thing to do; no plants like chlorine. In this video, we will talk about the reasons because of which bougainvillea plant sheds leaves. The 1st winter they all of a sudden started loosing leaves so I had to ask the question: why are my bougainvilleas dropping lots of yellow leaves? If planted in the ground, steer away from heavy clay or dense soils, which may not allow water to drain quickly and effectively. If the plant's leaves are pale, or it starts to lose leaves, it might need more sunlight. Problems With Curling Leaves on Mandevillas. Nell, […] Why is My Bougainvillea Dropping Yellow Leaves? My Bougainvillia Tree received an unfortunate dosing. Plant your flowers in an area that will continue to receive full sun. This one I … This results in leaf loss and possible root rot. You may be applying the correct amount of water to the plants but without proper drainage in the soil or pot, the water may stagnate, causing the bougainvillea to retain too much moisture. As I say in the video, there are 2 things you can do about those yellow leaves falling off Bougainvilleas: #1 is to just let them be and  fall where they may, and #2 is to rake or sweep them up. Even though you think you are watering thoroughly, water can just be streaming out of the drainage holes without actually saturating the soil. I live in Charlotte County, FL, 5 months out of the year, November through April. In fact, if these plants receive too much shade or are blocked from the sun, it may result in leaf drop. Why is this? By the way, this is how I prune and trim my Bougainvillea to get that maximum bloom. These plants do not require large amounts of water, and care must be taken not to over do it when watering all of your plants in the same manner. - Gardening Know How Questions & Answers. What am I doing wrong? (Leaf drop may occur well after the severe wilting episode.) The bougainvillea should show signs of recovery (if the temperature is warm and it in full sun) if it is just suffering from water stress over … Your cost for the products will be no higher but Joy Us garden receives a small commission. Overwatering is a common reason when the indoor Bonsai is planted in poor soil that retains too much water. Why is my father’s Bougainvillea starting to drop leaves like crazy, but continue to flower?? In our climate, though not at all extreme, Bougainvillea is semi-deciduous. My Bougainvillea glabra, which you’ll see in the video below, is a flowering machine. Another possible cause of bougainvillea flower drop is exposure to ethylene, a gas produced by ripe fruits and barbecue pits. How Do I Care for a Blooming Bougainvillea Plant? Depending on your environment & conditions, they will bloom again. Q. The Common Diseases Found in Bougainvillea, My Plant Pot Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs, Controlling Pests and Aphids on a Bougainvillea. They require little care and small amounts of water. Bougainvillea is a tough specimen and lives for decades. I was also experiencing the yellowing of the leaves and leaf dropping and your website was very helpful in answering questions I had. A. Bougainvillea is a vine that drops its leaves in winter and puts on new foliage when warm weather returns in spring. They feed intensively on the sap of plants. and when I was taking my Jan/Feb walks up there a, 2 block long hedge of them had almost completely defoliated. Certain pests, such as mealybugs, spider mites, and scale, can cause leaf drop. Mealybugs are attracted to bougainvilleas. Why Is My Bougainvillea Dropping Leaves? i have hardly enjoyed the flowers though this is the season for them to bloom, everyone else’s Bougainvillea seems to be doing fine. Hope that helps, Nell. Bougies naturally go through periods of blooming & then not. Here’s a site for you: https://www.bgi-usa.com/pests-diseases/. If you allow a bougainvillea to get way too dry, it will drop its leaves. Be there, have someone else be there or give them explicit directions not to use it. There’s a huge hill behind my house that looks out over the ocean (blowing those cool winds!) Combination of everything I did from epsom salt, shock of getting too much sun and too much water all within a week period of time perhaps? Scale insects or mealybugs are plant parasites, commonly found in household gardens. What is killing my plant? It gets a major “WOW” from anyone who sees it. Bougainvillea plants are delightful showpieces that boast small white flowers surrounded by brilliantly colored bracts. Help answer a question about Why is my bougainvillea dropping leaves? I live in S. Florida where it is pretty hot, but bougainvillea's like the heat. Many plants, especially many of our tropical houseplants will respond to a drastic change in environment by dropping their leaves. Bougainvillea, with their thorny, woody, tropical vines, produce beautiful clusters of red, pink, orange, white, yellow, purple, and magenta paper-like bracts. Olivia makes some good points. Fertilize bougainvillea plants that look unhealthy. Why is My Bougainvillea Dropping Yellow Leaves? asked Jan 24, 2014 by Dennis | 637 views. We live in beautiful Yorba Linda about 15 minutes from Newport Beach CA and the area we live in is suppose to be the best for growing most plants especially sub-tropical. I am not saying it should do that, but if it does, they come back easily. My bougies drop a lot of yellow leaves after a big flush of blooms. Vines, leaves and flowers should all be glossy. Bougainvillea can be fertilized every five or six weeks after each bloom cycle. I brought home 2 Bougainvillea plants with the small flower variety. One of the causes for the leaves turning yellow (and yes, they turn completely yellow) is those cooler winter temperatures. Amba, Hi Amba – It’s hard for me to say because I don’t know if they’re indoors or out, where you or or if they’re in pots or the ground. Recently, the leaves started turning yellow and falling. Examine the petals, leaves and stems carefully for signs of infestation. There was no lack of sun or water, so why … Also, can it kill the plant or just do temporary damage to it since I have several in ground and established beautiful (variegated and regular leafed) bougainvillea plants around our pool and spa area and would hate to see them die. - Have 2 plants about 12” each, 1st year. Let’s be honest here, bougainvillea is not a plant I grew up with. Pruning usually results in a more compact, plant, which will grow faster and eliminate the need for frequent repotting. It has been raining a lot lately and I know they do not like a lot of water, but i wouldn't think that would make them lose their leaves. My small potted Bougainvillea plant which has not bloomed for me all Summer here in the NYC area, is now starting to show signs of yellow leaves. They could just be settling in & that’s the reason. In my conservatory — which isn't heated continuously — I have a red Bougainvillea that I cut back strongly in the autumn. The leaves all fell off; but, it does appear that the leaves are starting to come back. It does great here in Santa Barbara where the winter temperatures rarely dip below the low 40’s but the tropics we are not. 03/16/2016. They are yellow. Nell The most common reasons are: the plant is too dry, it has an infestation of spider mites or it’s due to the weather changing (winter coming on & the days & evenings are getting cooler). Your email address will not be published. Aphids can be treated naturally by removing the tiny bugs by hand or by gently spraying the plant with water. If that's the cause, will the bougainvillea recover? Your bougainvillea has responded to its change in location and associated environmental conditions in this manner. They have had some breaks. It’s ubiquitous I tell you, yet in my opinion, it’s a beautiful “weed”. The colorful bracts surround the actual flower, which is usually small and white. These plants do not require large amounts of water, and care must … ... buy seed to plants please help! - We have had a lot of rain. Hi Candy – Thank you. A few months of overwatering will lead to root-rot, only visible in the tree losing strength and dropping its leaves. Use a soluble 20-20-20 fertilizer, mixed into the plant's water, every other week. Please Hrlp. Another cause of leaf drop, one easy to diagnose, is exposure to cold. They sit in a sunny spot and I water them every 2 days. Many reasons exist for this, so it is best to examine your plants and their surroundings, and analyze the care and nutrients that they are receiving. The edges of the bougainvillea leaves will look chewed on and have a scalloped edge. Mine is doing the same thanks for sharing. It’s interesting to me because I’ve noticed that some Bougainvilleas drop more leaves than others. Are the leaves on your Bougainvillea turning yellow & dropping off in winter? Nell. Do the flowers shed and reappear? The bougainvillea looper is a green or … Plants will become dormant and need to be stored effectively. The leaves are green and seem healthy. If the amount of moisture is not the issue, it may be that the plant is infested with aphids. The most common reason for leaf loss in bougainvillea plants is over watering. Weeping figs (ficus) and Bougainvillea have a habit of dropping leaves when they are moved and feeling stressed — usually they settle down to the new conditions. Can I Put 2 Bougainvilleas In The Same Pot Please? Make sure these nurtients are balanced in the fertilizer. Please help me. Some grow this plant in containers or baskets; others grow it … The most common reason for leaf loss in bougainvillea plants is over watering. I water them once a week. Shock causes it to lose its leaves and flowers. To ensure that bougainvillea blooms abundantly, strategically put it at a location where it is exposed to the direct… Chlorine from pools is also a potential problem. There a couple of reasons with which your bougainvillea plant … Please help! I thought it was some kind of exotic plant until I moved to Santa Barbara 10 years ago where it’s found growing in some form or color on every block. Caterpillars; namely the Bougainvillea Looper Caterpillar. Hope that helps, Nell, Hi, I’m tickled pink to have you here! If you see pests, treat the plant and the leaf-drop should stop. Plants in containers dry out quickly and sometimes air pockets develop around the roots. Bougainvillea Disease 2: Scale Disease. So, after a few days I moved it to another location where it would get a several hours of direct sun and gave it a shot of epsom salt. What I’ve observed though is that Bougainvilleas in cooler, shadier, windier, etc parts of town shed more leaves than the ones in sunnier, more sheltered areas. When I planted them, I didn’t put rocks in the bottom of the pot, just soil and the plants directly into the pot (which does have a drainage hole). The spider mites will cause damage, & then the leaves eventually turn yellow & the fall off. Look for small, spider-like insects if the bougainvillea leaves turn yellow and drop from the plant. Yellow leaves can indicate a deficiency of either of these materials, but too much of one will cause a deficiency of the other. how I prune and trim my Bougainvillea to get that maximum bloom, Bougainvillea Plant Care: Everything You Need to Know. Not all the leaves fall off but maybe 1/2 of them. I got a potted plant as a gift in the summer in South Louisiana. I was worried that it had too much water as I started to see the bottom leaves start to turn yellow and then fall off. What is the reason for this to happen? Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures with all of us and your timely response. My bougies drop a lot of yellow leaves after a big flush of blooms. It has since started to leaf out like crazy now that the weather is warming. Choose containers with plenty of holes and drainage at the bottom. Bougainvillaeas originally came from Brazil so it's a semi-tropical plant. The plant likes a lot of sun and won't bloom without it. I would suspect that the one dropping flowers and leaves is signalling root distress. Bougainvillea can be lightly pruned or pinched after each bloom cycle when the old bracts fall. My potted Boganvilla is dropping its leaves. It was gorgeous 3 weeks ago. ANSWER: This is generally a watering issue. Leaf Drop When the bougainvillea drops its leaves, you might be watering too much, too little or not giving it enough light. First, I love your website and the beautiful pictures of the various bougainvillea plants. Here are a couple of leaves starting to turn yellow. 1 / 2 We brought all the plants inside a few weeks ago, and then just last week we started to notice how the leaves would drop like flies, but it would still continue to flower. The moving in tandem with everything else could be doing it. When my previous home was power washed, they used an environmentally friendly soap & all my succulents & bougies were just fine. I have a few bougainvillea's, planted at different times in different locations, and they are all losing their leaves. Bougainvillea flowers appear on branches 18″-20″ long. They should be allowed to dry between watering and never be completely soaked. Or, was I be doing something I shouldn’t be? I’ve never known them to kill older bougies. My B. glabra in Santa Barbara dropped a lot of yellow leaves at the end of each flowering cycle whereas my B.Barbara Karst did not. Hi Jennifer – Bougainvilleas drop yellow leaves die to an environmental change or stress. Insect sightings and movement may be indications that your plant's growth and health is in jeopardy. It grows up and over my garage which sits at the end of a long, narrow driveway. One thing I wanted to ask you is that you mentioned spider mites could cause yellowing leaves, do you have an excellent website that could show me what spider mites would look like on a bougainvillea plant so I will know what to look for. But a more common cause is cold air or overwatering; other signs of overwatering include brown or yellowing patches on the leaves, dying leaf tips and, of course, wet soil. It’s part of the natural cycle of the plant and because we don’t get any colorful foliage displays at all in these parts, we’ll take it as our version of fall! Jennifer, Hi Jennifer – Bougainvilleas drop yellow leaves die to an environmental change or stress. It sounds like the latter was the cause, and it's now recovered with leaves and flowers. The lack of rainfall in the last 4 winters has brought on our drought (yes, a severe drought) conditions so the bougies just aren’t getting the water they were used to. Prune just above a leaf joint, leave no stubs. Bougainvilleas require sunlight, either sun or direct sunlight throughout the day. yellowing leaves; yellow leaves; 0 answers. © 2020 Joy Us Garden | Care, Propagation, and Pruning About | Contact | PRIVACY POLICYDesign By Viva la Violet, Mother Nature Inspired Christmas Ornaments, « How to Feed Camellias With Great Success, Napkins We Love For Outdoor Entertaining ». It puts out a big show of magenta/purplish color off and on for 9 or 10 months out of the year. If your bougainvillea is dying or dropping its leaves then scale back the watering to once every two weeks and only water if it has not rained significantly. Plant your foliage in soil that drains well -- add pine bark in pots and planters to assist the drainage. Find out why. Bougainvilleas are tough plants, especially when established. However, just after I brought them home, the orange one shed all its flowers and the flowers of the baby pink one are shriveling up. The last few winters haven’t been too cold here but they have been dry. I’ve been told that some varieties tend to shed more than others do although I haven’t delved too far into that topic. A heavy infestation may even result in tender shoots being eaten and even complete defoliation of the affected bougainvillea vine. Check fallen leaves carefully for telltale signs of infestation. Be aware that when other structures are added in the area they may reduce the amount of sunlight received, and the lessened light may negatively affect the brilliant flowers and cause the leaves to fall more heavily. One of the plants is worst, and barely has any flowers/leaves left. I did some reading and got some answers but the final confirmation of the cause came when I visited San Marcos Growers that February to pick up some plants for a client in the San Francisco Bay Area. See how my Bougainvillea glabra looks in the middle of winter: The other reason why yellow leaves fall off of Bougainvilleas in winter is due to a prolonged dry spell. Nell. The signs that you have bougainvillea looper caterpillar is mainly damage to the leaves. I thought it was some kind of exotic plant until I moved to Santa Barbara 10 years ago where it’s found growing in some form or color on every block. Hi Cathy, It might be now that we are in fall, the cooler temps have caused the leaves to turn brown and drop, as seen on many trees. Bougainvillea are some of the few plants that can handle drought and large amounts of sunlight. The opposite is also true; if plants are never watered, they can lose leaves. Symptoms: The smaller, unhatched scale insects can be observed on the underside of some leaves, covered in a waxy coating.

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