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We had to search high and low for Inglis, but I refused to get anything else. Furthermore, my old washer was still working! Go for a high-capacity top load washer like the LG WT7900HBA, if you need a super-sized solution to your laundry situation. She pointed ou the strength of stainless hoses I bought vs. the rubber type. Of course it’s not a good one when such stuff happens during the guarantee period, but after it … This groundbreaking machine is more robust than it seems and has a sleek modern design. If I wanted to spend three times the amount and get a front load machine that is more energy efficient and gentle then I would have. Everything comes out perfectly clean, the first time! Does large loads. If you want a washer to last 5-10 years you sure won't get one for 250.00, but if you are working with a small budget and tired of dragging your clothes to the laundromat-- it's awesome just save up cuz in 2 years you are gonna have to buy another one. Smaller washers tend to be quieter because they have to do less work and therefore don’t require excessive engine power. Avoid. This washer worked fine for 2 years, then one day filled up with water and just died. When it does agitate, it works pretty great. It was one of the lowest cost washers at the department store that we purchased it from. But if you want something that can handle normal loads, (jeans, t-shirts, towels, etc.) I realize that the Inglis and the Kenmore are most likely made by the same company and we may have gotten a lemon pair but I will never buy nor recommend them and case in point sometimes to much electronics can be a bad thing. Kenmore Elite 31633 Washing Machine The Kenmore Elite 31633 is the best top-load washer we've encountered to date and it's on sale at Sears for just $915 -- a steal if you need a large-capacity model. Every now and then, and we make sure all loads are about the same size for this reason, it will not agitate. Not sure about long-term reliability, but think it is owned, and ultimately QC'd by Whirlpool - not that that means a whole lot nowadays. It also has a nasty habit of leaving greasy spots on clothes. Discuss: Inglis ITW4300SQ washing machine - top loading - white Sign in to comment. Inglis Super Capacity Washer I got both the Inglis washer and dryer in store for $499!! In terms of overall reliability, the next best machines are all front load machines. The main reason is of course used for clothes, delicates, sheets, jackets and it gets the job done which is very important. By Brittany Rowland Price is one of the best benefits of a top load washing machine. A standard top-loading washer is the most common type of top load washer. All rights reserved. ft. pedestal washer, there’s no laundry task this giant combo team can’t handle and it’s super easy to load. It uses the least amount of water in every use. Poor quality. I have had expensive machines and lower cost machines and the more expensive ones didn't last any longer. It is not loud at all, when I have the door closed to the laundry room I cannot hear it. Paid 718$ for both taxes, delivered, installed and with all the accessory plug fittings needed for installation. My friend just bought a brand new front load, "spend-a-million-dollars" washer and she can't wash half the amount of clothes I can in my affordable "old-fashioned" washer! We've had it for a little over two years and have no complaints! It looks a little retro in appearance, however, it works well. In 2018 it was 13.47%, so there is an increase. However, I wash my some of my shoes and while it does get them a little clean, the machine doesn't get all of the water out. I can also wash blankets that I normally would have had to take to the cleaners and it's saved us a ton of money. High-efficiency washers are more expensive, as are models with a larger capacity. We've compiled a list of the best top-load washers available today. Fron load washer has many advantages over the top load washer. ft. High Efficiency Top Load Washer is a basic washer that gets the job done. I could not be happier. Usage tips. My husband and I have had this washing machine for several years. Furthermore, my old washer was still working! 01:51. I love the various setting for types of clothes. John. They would fit great in a smaller laundry room or bathroom. I do not like it. I highly recommend the Kenmore 4.2 cu. Social Media. Featured Video. The drain hose most commonly leaks from the connection between the pump and the back of the washer. Washer and Dryer Reviews Consumer Reports 2019 – 2020. It broke (rim on top of the drum) one month after my warranty expired :( Can't make exceptions so I am in search for a new one. Bought this washer 5 years 1 month ago. While most top load washers have a capacity of 3.0 to 4.0 cubic feet, this model from LG stretches the interior drum to 5.5 cubic feet. The average rate of repair for top load washers is 18.58%. i purchased the 5 year plan. I bought the washer and electric Dryer about two months ago. The best washing machine overall, the Electrolux EFLS627UTT is all about the wash. Prices and offers are subject to change. she described several models and i chose the Inglis pair because it is manufactured by Whirlpool and met all my needs. I am a single mom of three kids, so value for the money was important to me, and I have not been disappointed. I think the thing I love the most about it is that it's a fairly large capacity machine. my Sales Associate, Ginger was excellent. It can get, what we call in our house, "touchy". By the way, this "Inglis" brand is manufactured by Whirlpool (there's a nearly identical unit sitting 2 models over in the store made by Whirlpool and with its name brand tag for $599 alone)! And for some reason all our clothes get stains on them after we wash them (they look like grease spots). These machines were at least $30 less than all other comparable machines - each! Neighbor (family of 4) has one, bought it at same time and it also broke in the same place. so even if it dies after 2 years you have got your monies worth out of it. So if you're going for quiet and high end, this washer is not for you, but if you're short on cash and hate the laundromat, this might do in a pinch. Not too many settings but I've never actually needed one I didn't have, so whats the point of all of them anyway! With a 5.2 cu. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. It gets my clothes clean and their not dripping wet when I pull them out. Oftentimes my washer will forget to spin on the spin cycle. What We Liked: If you’re searching for a top load washer that is built to last, look no further than the Speed Queen 26 Inch Top Load Washer.This model features a commercial-grade steel cabinet, as well as a stainless steel tub. Ft. 8-Cycle Super Capacity Washer - White. Read reviews and speak to the local service agents. GREAT DEAL!!! Most Reliable Top Load Washers for 2020. If performance is the same, then service is your prime consideration. HE top-loaders use less water and extract more of it from laundry than agitator top-loaders. Find all the models we reviewed in the best top-load washing machines round up, and for the best smart top-load washing machine, check out our LG Smart Top Load Washer WT7300CW review, or for the best value top-loader, read our GE GTW335ASNWW review.If it's value you're after, you should also check out this year's best Black Friday washer and dryer deals. But, there are many features to keep in mind to ensure a seamless process all through. The Inglis washing and dryers are the only Inglis products that I have tried, and I will never use any other again. ft. I.E.C. It was worth it! "When it dies, you just replace it." They are tough, durable and do the job. It cleans well. Got it on sales ($180) and bought the extended warranty with the savings. The washer / dryer certainly lived up to Ginger's recommendations. I gave it to the local shelter and they had it for years as well. It holds very large loads, does a good job, and has everything I need. Top 3 Reasons Front-Load Washer Won’t Drain? this works wonderfully. 13 months later, both the washer and dryer work just as well as they did on day one. After much research, I decided to buy this machine and am very satisfied with it. It has the basic cold, warm, hot options, nothing fancy like some of the more expensive machines, but it always does a great job washing. Ft. 8-Cycle Washer - White. Returning both machines as these are obviously junk. Face it its a cheap washer and you get what you pay for. It was very noisy, but I knew that ahead. We've had absolutely no problems with this washer and are pleased with it. This can take up to an hour, when I restart it, hoping it will start to agitate. We looked at some of the best top loading w… The GE GTW720BSNWS (available at Home Depot for $849.00) is our favorite top-load washer because of its stellar cleaning performance and variety of useful features. I asked my granny once about the Inglis brand and she told me to stick with it because 'those Canadians don't stand for crap!' Although I didn't apply for a credit card, she did tell me about the 18 months interest free. I wouldn't buy this one again. Many times online reviews are skewed by those who didn't buy the higher end product that would have satisfied their needs to make them happy in the first place, or they received lemon units. They don’t perform as well in the efficiency category, but they sure do clean clothes just as well. This 4.0 cu. Ft. Top-Load Washer – ITW4871FW Laveuse Inglis à chargement par le haut de 4,0 pi3 - ITW4871FW The washer is so-so, a very basic washing machine. A Dual Action agitator rolls clothing through the bottom of the wash basket for even and thorough cleaning of your fabrics. The machine does not walk - maybe because I leveled it properly before using it. I repeat my headline DON"T BUY. The cost ranges from $400 to $1,000. Overall: great service. I'm not very sure if it is because there is something wrong, but it has been doing this for the better part of two years now. User rating, 3.5 out of 5 stars with 71 reviews. If the drain hose is leaking, replace it. At 15 months it struggled to do a small load. As it turns out, there are plenty of reasons to buy a top loader, but the three most important reasons are this: You get what you pay for, and in this case, what you pay for is just enough for my needs. If you're interested in buying a top-load washer, you've come to the right place. Would have rated '0' if I could have because, i've now had to go to the laundry mat to do laundry and wasted a TON of water because it just stays on the rinse cycle. All rights reserved. From soccer uniforms to dress clothes, this Inglis top-load washer and electric dryer can handle whatever you throw in it. We didn't have a washer at the time and were really in need of one so the lowest cost option was the best for us at the time and we weren't expecting anything spectacular. As always, I look for great things at great prices and this was in my budget. With Deep Fill, you can add additional water to any cycle to soak heavily soiled loads. It is quiet, runs smooth and the clothes come out as clean as from any washing machine we've owned in the past. The only problem is that it occasionally goes off balance, but only when I wash too many towels or jeans together. The most reliable top load washers are based on top load units serviced divided by units sold in 2019. It's got a really big interior and has enough functions... 6 temps., cycles of heavy duty, permanent press, delicate. It may not be the washer for a big family, but for a few loads a week, it is a great deal. Today is July 4, 2017...a period of 19 years maintenance free. HOWEVER, I paid only @ 250.00 for it so if you divide the price by 24 months thats $10.42 per month.. you can't do a months worth of laundry at a laundromat for that low cost.... My husband and I purchased this washer almost three years ago. If you want a LARGE capacity washer for very heavy bedding items like bedspreads or quilts this isn't it. I got my first one as a handmedown that my old granny had in her apartment and passed down to me when I got my first house. Top Load Washer with Soaking Cycles, 12 Cycles. Ft. Top load washer is up there for value for money. We have owned the Inglis washer for about 5 years now. Now three years later this washer is still running strong! If you are in the market for your first washer and are shopping on a budget, a top loader is the way to go. Bought this machine 3 weeks ago, upon installation realized that timer doesn't work. It's just not that high of a priority with me. I can easily wash our entire set of king size sheets in it with no problem. Typically, the pricier the model, the more feature-packed it will be. Inglis Washer won't drain. I bought this machine mostly based on cost and that it was manufactured by whirlpool which is what I went in to buy. Most of the washers on this list are portable and small. The other type, a high-efficiency top load washer, is similar to a front load washing machine. I used it lightly (one person, never overloaded and most of my clothes go to dry cleaning or handwash. This is extremely exasperating, especially when you need to keep up with 2 small messy children, and a husband who needs to have his uniforms for work cleaned everyday. Thanks to the four cycle selections and the four load sizes, you can clean a small amount of laundry, or fill the machine to the top and was a large load. This set is very good so far and my husband work clothes are actually cleaner and we don't have a lot of bells and whistles to break down all the time. It works flawlessly and is wonderful, washes clothes gently and thoroughly, and dries instantly. ft. mega-capacity washer sitting atop a 1.0 cu. Looked at some of the new "waterless" type digital units and have no confidence they will do as well. I purchased my Inglis_Whirlpool High Capacity washer and dryer set in early 1998. Ft. top load washer. Finishes far before the dryer cycle is done. Inglis - 3.2 Cu. You can quickly load clothes and do away with laundry in a short time. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a traditional top-load washer and doesn't want to spend a lot of money. Hope you all have better luck than me! It looks a little retro in appearance, however, it works well. Just my thoughts on the matter. A Dual Action agitator rolls clothing through the bottom of the wash basket for even and thorough cleaning of your fabrics, and Deep Fill ensures you can tackle heavily soiled loads with ease. Top-load washers are usually cheaper than front load options. Inglis ITW4600YQ Top Load Washer 43 in, 3.9 cu ft., 9 Cycles/3 Temps, automatic temperature control, porcelain wash basket Model #: ITW4600YQ Call now to order! I searched for quite some time to find new machines at a reasonable price. It runs very well though and clothes are clean. If you want bells and whistles and a lot of extra uneccesary features, buy a more expensive model. Use our guide to compare types of washers and dryers, read customer reviews and find the best washer and dryer for your home. Like most wasing machines, it is a little loud. Bought this in Spring 07, so far it has worked great for us. On a side not, the dryer performs very well, and I have no qualms with it. Otherwise = 100% operation throughout that time frame with more than half a dozen moves thrown into the mix. When I got to the point where I could afford a new washer and matching dryer, I had three kids and was moving to a bigger house. Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars with 71 reviews. As one online appliance reviewer who recommended this machine said, " How do you go wrong with a $300.00 washer?" It is loud and has had several problems (and we have replaced the hoses). I was looking for a good price (low) and an excellent machine which I got. I have two complaints the first being that it is a very loud running machine you can hear it all over the house. I can't speak for others or any problems they encountered; I am retired and +70 years of age this is the best washer/dryer I've ever owned in my lifetime. There aren't any extra noises when it doesn't spin. YouTube Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest. The washer hooked up easily and I don't have any of the problems listed on some of the reviews below. We purchased the Inglis Washing Machine recently and find it to be a very good product considering the price and features. The only problem I ever encountered was caused by my niece overloading it one day, sucking a sock into the pump (easily removed). 943. The washer is effective at washing clothes and spinning all the water out. I have now owned this washer for three months, and have had no problems. Love Love LOVE this washer! First, BestBuy has a no lemon policy, so there's no problem there, check it out. To be ready for this situation it’s better to keep Inglis washer troubleshooting guide beside you. The best top-load washers have a range of features, but not every model is going to be right for you. I think it is excellent for the price. I reviewed and reviewed this washer on various sites as well as other brands. After 13 months, it will not do a large load. I did not expect that it would be high end, nor did I think it would last as long as my old one. And by all means, as with any low grade cheaper product, buy the extended warranty... $99.99 for 3 years on this one. Though I never heard of the brand "Inglis" I was very pleased to see that it is made by Maytag! If you want a wahing mashine that washes clothes and a dryer that drys, this product is great. Never used it for down comforters, nor blankets (they go to prof cleaning), so unless my 2 t-shirts are too heavy for this get what you paid for. Sometimes it gets stuck on the rinse cycle. This washer, with a Smooth Spiral stainless steel wash basket, helps prevent snags and the low-profile smooth impeller makes room for large loads. The best top load washing machines come from brands such as GE, Samsung, LG, Amana, and Maytag, and can cost significantly less than the best front load washers.What’s more, there are currently some great Black Friday washer and dryer deals to be had on some of the best top load washers you can buy, meaning you can save even more when you buy one of these top load washing machines … 2011 Inglis top load washing machine model ITW4300XQ0 made by whirlpool. These units come at a much lower price point than their front loading counterparts. Front Load vs. Top Load Reliability. Best Buy has honest and unbiased customer reviews for Inglis - 3.1 Cu. This washer is THE BEST! So far - so good. The salesperson at BestBuy went out of his way to be friendly, courteous, helpful, and representated this product in an honest manner. I bought this machine with the matching dryer. I took a chance knowing that I had a full 30 days for a complete refund. I purchased this washer to replace a 20 year old whirlpool. The other is I am short and the tub is very deep which makes it hard for me to reach the clothes at the bottom. If the washer is pushed too far against the wall, the hose can rub against the wall and form a leak. There are models that push this number even higher. ©2006-2020 Viewpoints. New, it would strugle to do a large load. I love them both. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a traditional top-load washer and doesn't want to spend a lot of money. We haven't had a single problem with this washer since we purchased it and I'd gladly purchase anything else Inglis makes after the great experience we've had with this washer. But the noise is from the transmission, which got louder and now quit working. We have to wash almost everything twice and it's annoying. Frigidaire 3.4 cu. From soccer uniforms to dress clothes, this Inglis top-load washing machine can handle whatever you throw at it. BEST BUY, the BEST BUY logo, the tag design, and MY BEST BUY are trademarks of Best Buy and its affiliated companies. I gave it to the local shelter and they had it for years as well. Replacement machine delivered and... timer also DOES NOT work!!! It worked and worked and worked. You've probably heard people bragging about their beautiful front-load washing machines (and rightfully so); why would you want to buy a top-loader? I've washed full-size comforters, rugs, shoes, California king-sized bed spreads/sheet sets, all manner of common standard clothing and work clothes. And now nothing. Don't mess around with the slow, one-year manufacturer's warranty where you'll be waiting around for weeks for them to dispatch service and/or parts. They are a great value for the money. Samsung 5.6 cu. Average 8+ normal-sized loads per week. This washer is not what i expected. In this post of washer and dryer consumer reports reviews, we will talk about some practical tips in choosing washer and dryers.Want a stackable washer and dryer? They clean deeper and are more energy efficient than top loader washer. I asked my granny once about the Inglis brand and she told me to stick with it because 'those Canadians don't stand for crap!'. © 2020 Best Buy. Well, these top load washer reviews can help you understand what you need to consider before you make the decision. Reviews Product Description. Top-Load HE Washers (47) Capacities keep increasing in HE washers, so you can do more laundry at once. Inglis® 4.4 cu. This washer is noisy, no question, but it does clean my clothes well and because of the lower price, I have time now to maybe save up for a nicer set at a later date. But if you're in an apartment or have a smaller family of maybe 4, this is a cheap option that is a suitable alternative to the overpriced name brands. All in all, the Kenmore 4.2 cu. When it really comes down to it, that is one of the most important parts of your washing machine. The basic Whirlpool is the most reliable in both categories. I've owned this washer/dryer set for several years now and continue to be happy with my purchase. ... 365 Day Return Policy Retail Location & Hours Contact Us Track Order Reviews. Read helpful reviews from our customers. We moved from our apartment to our house a few years ago, so I'm not sure if it was the move (being carried downstairs, getting rocked around) or if it is just the quality of the washer, but it performs differently now. I bought an Inglis washing machine back in 08' and I cannot find anything wrong with it. I'm glad that I did. ft. Top Load Washing Machine #FAHE4044MW The Frigidaire 3.4 cu. This one had that and more all at a great price. Annajustmay. The dryer is so fast, there is no buzzer but when placed on the energy saving mode loads are done and I mean full loads are done in twenty minutes. As long as it has three water temperature settings and three load settings, I have what I need. I also own the dryer as well. Common solutions for: Inglis Washer won't drain. I had read some reviews before I purchased, but also money was a big factor for me. The machine is not noisy compared to other washers. we used to own the Kenmore Elite #4 washer and dryer, we had nothing but problems and repairs with them, after 2 years of that we unhooked them (not to mention our clothes did not come as clean) we then went out and bought the cheapest set we could find being as buying a high buck kind did not get us very far. Midlothian, VA. 2010-05-20. true. More expensive isn't always better.". I just close the door and that solves the problem. With the Deep Water Wash option you can add additional water to any cycle to soak heavily soiled loads. It covers everything and BestBuy will take care of you quickly. Repair man said it's not worth to repair it. Every once in a while the water won't drain out of the washer. 527,836. Front load or up load?You will find your answers in this post. It's a bit noisy but if you have had your current machine for at least 10 years, it probably makes as much noise as that one...nothing that can't be ignored. The drain hose may be leaking. Top load washers are considered easy to use; thanks to the design. We purchased the Inglis Washing Machine recently and find it to be a very good product considering the price and features. She asked me about my laundry usage and how many loads a week I was doing. I love the delicate cycle that gently cleaned a fabric purse without any problems or detergent residue. I purchased my Inglis washer and dryer two years ago and it is still working great. Moved and needed cheap washer and dryer for house I rented that didn't include one. In-store pricing may vary. If something happened I'd buy it again in a heartbeat! Sure, if you're a family of 8, maybe skip this unit for a bigger, heavier duty one. Front loader washing machines have half the life span of their top fed counterparts and there's only one brand to choose when buying a machine, according to a repairman with decades of experience. Know what to look for when buying a washer and dryer set. It is located in a separate laundry room in a second floor apartment and I can close the door and not be bothered with the sound. Washer & Dryer Pairs Paires laveuse et sécheuse Washers Laveuses Inglis 4.0 Cu. This washer worked fine when it was new so maybe it's just getting old and needs to be replaced. Inglis washer is a good one for washing the stuff, but anyhow, the problems with it can appear anytime. So without further ado here are the quietest top loaders: The water does not splash on the floor - again, maybe because I secured all the connections and made sure the drain hose was securely in the drain hole. It has a lid on the top of the appliance, and it works by filling the washer basin up with water and uses an agitator to move your clothes from top to bottom. Top-load washer prices. I'm not big into the intricacies of washers and dryers, nor do I spend much time imagining the drastic improvement in quality of life by upgrading to the latest and greatest W-n-D, so take it for what it is worth. This is one of those reviews where a decent, cheaper product is so inundated with negative reviews. Inspect the drain hose for leaks. ft. Inglis® Top-Load Washer delivers a thorough, even clean with a Dual Action Agitator, which rolls clothes through the bottom of the wash basket. Considering a high number of washers alone are more than $700, this was a good deal. I do not plan on buying a machine and so far this machine is lasting and I do not see any future problems arising anytime soon, so I recommend this product. She recommended the Black-Tie program and all the coverage it has. I couldn't be happier with this washer and dryer. This can make laundry time very lengthy, waiting for it to basically do its sole job on this earth! When it does this, I end up having to let it the clothes 'sit' in the water, with the machine turned off. I am able to fit comforter which is a plus.

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