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Learning to read Rashi script was a highlight for many of my students this year. Reading: Example from Chumash 5. Developed by an educator who has had years of experience in teaching this skill, this program combines color, sound, and review exercises to teach Rashi Script. This is the new website of To the uninitiated, reading Hebrew printed in “Rashi Script” can seem impossible. Reading: Example from Talmud 6. It's printed in a typeface called "Rashi script," which is a stylized version of Sefardic handwriting -- some of it is recognizable to me, but several of the letters are new and strange. Reading Rashi is complicated for a bunch of reasons. Read Tanakh, Commentary, Rashi texts online with commentaries and connections. All those years of experience combine to make Reading Rashi a very special and extremely effective program. Leibowitz, the modern master of close reading of Rashi, showed her students in turn how Rashi read the Bible closely. Reading Rashi was designed by teachers with many years of experience teaching Rashi Script, in school and in private. The following information is for those students who have already mastered the basics of Hebrew reading. How to Write the Hebrew Letters of the Alphabet in Square and Rashi Scripts Medrash EtsHaim. I put up a page to show you how to start reading Rashi Script in no time here: Learn to Read […] I am not kidding. While moving, jumping and acting, my students learned their letters with a lot of joy. Reading Rashi was designed by teachers with many years of experience teaching Rashi Script, in school and in private. If you are new to your study of Hebrew, bookmark this page and come back later after you have worked through other parts of the online Hebrew grammar. We took a full body approach to learning the new font. Reading 7. Soundboard: Confusing letters 12. ... Learning to Read Hebrew with the Rosenwasser Method - Duration: 11:34. Reading: Rashi used a special script so that you could tell the difference between the main text and his commentary 4. Soundboard: Confusing letters 10. But really it is quite easy to learn — if you have 5 or 10 minutes to spare. (Here is a great chart that shows how Rashi script and ordinary Hebrew diverge.) Soundboard: Confusing letters 8. Puzzle 13. Puzzle 9. Ready for Rashi is the perfect way to learn Rashi Script. Now these same resources are becoming available here, in this clean, bright space…and some great, new material too! Rashi, with step by step lessons and games designed for the child and young adult to quickly grasp and learn to read the Hebrew letters written in Rashi script. Rashi Reading Practice - Reading Words in Rashi Script. For example, in Gen 18:4 when Abraham invites his guests to rest תחת העץ, Rashi comments: תחת העץ – תחת האילן. “Under the eitz”—under the tree. Puzzle 11. Kodesh teachers around the world have been finding useful resources on TorahSchool since 2001. Bonus: Ready for Rashi also includes biographical information on the life of Rashi… The night after my e-mail interchange with Dixie Yid, I went home and opened up the Artscroll Rashi to Parshas Shelach and began comparing the Rashi script with the Rashi written out in in the block letters. I resolved to continue this practice on a regular basis until I can effortlessly read the Rashi script. Here is the teacher's workbook. It has some tips about how to make the more confusing letters become very recognizable. The comment seems obscure and unnecessary.

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