growing german white garlic

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We ship bulbs that measure a minimum of 2" in diameter. The Growing Process Photo Gallery Garlic Fun Facts and Links Store Contact Us Welcome to the Sweden Center Garlic Farm Home of the Largest and Best Looking German White Garlic East of the Mississippi! To plant garlic, split the bulbs into individual cloves and plant them with the pointed end upwards. This "porcelain" variety produces extremely hardy garlic seed. They grow fairly large and have an excellent strong flavor that becomes sweet and mild when cooked. White garlic is beautiful to look at, simple and strong in taste. White Rot is a fungus that may attack garlic in cool weather. In colder climates the clove wrapper color will be a deeper red. Very vigorous growing seed producing large bulbs with pure white bulb-wrappers. home; contact us; about us; map; online store; price list; testimonials; danger of gmo's. This porcelain strain has been grown in Iowa for some time but appears to be the same variety as the German White (aka German Stiffneck or German Extra Hardy) that is a popular standard with Northeast growers. This variety is one of the best garlics in taste without all the spiciness. The largest rocambole we offer; the bulbs can reach half the size of Elephant Garlic. Mid May – mid August depending on variety and location. It is a great variety for dishes that call for strong garlic flavor. Softneck garlic varieties (Allium sativum var. German White/German Extra Hardy (Hardneck, Porcelain) Popular, easy to grow, large, all purpose, strong flavored garlic Since all cloves are large, your harvest should result in … These are all the same garlic but grown in different places under different names. Storing: Gather the garlic in bunches of 6 bulbs, and hang to dry in a conservatory or glass house. Garlic is a must have for the garden. Consistently the largest Porcelain Garlic that I grow. Don’t be tempted to plant garlic cloves from the supermarket though, buy from a garden centre or mail order supplier. Some examples of hardneck garlic that grow well in our area are Rocambole cultivars Killarney Red and Spanish Roja, Purple Stripe cultivars Chesnock Red and Metechi, and Porcelain cultivars Music and German White. Excellent storage. German White Extra Hardy Garlic is called, “the chef’s garlic” by garlic connoisseurs. ‘German White’ is a hardneck Porcelain garlic that is extremely pungent when eaten raw but mellows when cooked. They don't form scapes and generally contain several small cloves per bulb. They need very little after care. Perfect for production pesto making or avid garlic fans. The bulbs produce long, white easy to plait stems for a beautiful display in the kitchen. It is widely grown and known for its hardiness in very cold winter climates. We LOVE garlic! It produces tight dense bulbs covered in beautiful white papery skin. Water your garlic during dry periods, stopping watering completely during the last few weeks. Bulbs often contain 7 large fat cloves. ‘German White’ is easy to grow and great for beginners. Its flavor is very strong and robust and sticks around for a long time. The German White is a certified, great hardneck storage garlic! The easy-to-peel cloves have a vigorous flavor and the large clove size makes it a choice variety for baking. A 2013 trial in Rhode Island evaluated a different list of garlic varieties, of which ‘Chesnock Red’ was the top hardneck, with ‘Oregon Blue’ heading the list of softnecks. Garlic has white wrappers with a slight pinkish-red tinge over flattened bulbs that are 2" and larger in diameter. Avoid "wet-feet" and choose a sunny spot to plant; consider a raised bed if you have heavy clay soil. Uniform in appearance and flavor. Harvesting Garlic. They mature more quickly than hardneck varieties. Space them about 18cm apart and plant at twice their own depth. Small. Place the cloves 3 – 4cm below the surface, root down (pointy end up) 6 inches apart. For information about how to grow German White garlic, click this article. Total Weight This popular Porcelain Hardneck Garlic has a robust flavor. Very vigorous growing seed producing large bulbs with pure white bulb-wrappers. Each clove is loosely covered by an easy-to-peel whitish-tan skin with purple striping. German White garlic is a large, porcelain type garlic bulb that contains 4-5 large easy-to-peel cloves. This garlic does well in any climate! The question is which type of garlic to grow? A strong bright white late porcelain with a bit of heat but not to hot with a strong robust flavor. Take care not to damage the cloves when separating them. The wrappers have a touch of purple to them while the bulbs are a nice cream color, with each bulb having about 4-7 large cloves that peel easily. German White Porcelain Variety (Hardneck) SOLD OUT! That depends upon your palate, the length of time you want to be able to store it, and what you want to use it for. Some examples of softneck garlic that grow well in New Jersey are Artichoke cultivars Inchellium Red and Lorz Italian and Silverskin cultivars French Red and Rose Du Var. White outer skin, red-brown inner skins. The spores can live in the soil for many years. Hardy and productive plants that average 4 to 6 very large cloves. The bulb is covered in bright, ivory white papery skins. 6 Bulbs - 8 oz. These varieties have relatively mild flavor but keep well in storage. The bulbs sport an outer white skin, with garlic seed cloves that have a reddish tint on the inside wrappers. German Red Garlic A popular rocambole that was one of the first hardnecked varieties to become widely popular. Harvest when the lower leaves start to yellow and fold. Space the bulbs 5 inches apart and plant each one 4 inches deep. New York State Varieties of Garlic • New York White, a soft‐neck variety also known as Polish White or Artichoke. German Red garlic has a strong full-bodied flavor. growing only the best most natural food (406) 291-1262. welcome! Despite its reputation as hardy and somewhat disease resistant, I’ve struggled to keep it going year after year, with many of the planted cloves failing to survive the winter or rotting. Wait for the scape to do a tightly curled double loop before removing, or you may want to just leave it on. Romanian Red - Porcelain variety. German White garlic produces large bulbs, about 9 centimeters in diameter, with 4 to 6 large cloves wrapped around a hard, central stalk. I have read that this along with German White, German Stiffneck and Northern White are the actually same Variety. German White Garlic (also known as German Extra-Hardy.) Plant German Red garlic bulbs late in the fall, right when the first frosts are about to arrive. 8 Bulbs - 8 oz. Whether you buy garlic in the shops or grow it yourself, garlic seems to last forever. be sure to see and order our high mountain garlic at our new website heritage gourmet garlic click here . Big bulbs typically yield four huge cloves, range is 3 – 5. sativum) are the best ones to grow if you live in a milder climate. Large white bulbs with just a hint of purple containing 4-6 large and easy to peel cloves. Feed February to April with standard plant food. • German Extra Hardy, a hard‐neck variety similar to German White. German White A popular type, German White, with its large white bulbs, used to be the most commonly seen variety at garlic festivals and farm stands. Garlic is frequently used in Mediterranean and Asian cooking, so it’s hardly surprising it's become popular to grow at home. What Is Polish Red Garlic – Polish Red Garlic Plant Growing Guide. German White Garlic Seed Originally from Italy and transferred to Germany. May be the same as German Stiffneck and/or German Extra Hardy. It is a good producer and stores up to 10 months at cool room temperature. It is a Porcelain variety of garlic that grows fairly painlessly here in zone 6A. By Amy Grant. Garlic is simple to grow and you’ll get plenty of fat, juicy garlic bulbs, if you grow in a sunny site. The basics: Plant your garlic in an area which will receive maximum sunlight hours. It is definitely a crop worth growing yourself because the absolutely best garlic you can get is that lifted fresh from the ground – known as wet garlic. German White Garlic (also known as German Extra-Hardy.) It is a good producer and stores up to 10 months at cool room temperature. Top the plants by cutting the scape from the plant when the scape begins to curl; topping encourages the plant to focus energy on growing the bulb rather than the scape. Excellent keeper and easy to peel. It is cold hardy and is subject to few pests. See for yourself! All I know is that it grows slightly different than my German Porcelain in that it will send up Scapes and harvest about a week later. OG German White is a certified organic very sturdy porcelain type of hardneck garlic that generally produces 6-8 cloves situated around the central stem. Solent garlic is known for retaining its flavour particularly well when cooked and is very sought after in the restaurant industry. Or, dry in store trays. In cold areas, you may need to cover plants with cloches over winter. Garlic : German Porcelain (Northern White) Easy-to-peel cloves have a vigorous flavor and are choice for baking. Garlic needs a long growing season to do well, so autumn through to midwinter is the perfect time to plant. Total Weight This popular Porcelain Hardneck Garlic has a robust flavor. Stores well. Here are the varieties and descriptions of the seed garlic we grow and sell. In mild parts of the country, garlic cloves planted at this time will develop roots and shoots before the heavy frosts. Porcelain Hardneck . The fungus affects the base of the leaves and roots. Great for roasting. These were only fertilized lightly, and the soil wasn't conditioned well beforehand, but the positive is that it will be easy to squeeze in 2, or maybe even 3 seasons for the garlic growth. This porcelain strain has been grown in Iowa for some time but appears to be the same variety as the German White (aka German Stiffneck or German Extra Hardy) that is a popular standard with Northeast growers. Growing: We've been growing German Red since 2009 and find it very dependable as a Rocambole. Expect an average of 30 cloves per lb. Bulbs often contain 7 large fat cloves. The white skin on the German White has delicate purple stripes. The scapes are hard, long, curled stalks that appear 1 - 2 months after the first leaves. Broad leaves and tightly curling double looped scapes. (FREE SHIPPING) German Extra Hardy, is also known as German White, Northern White and German Stiffneck is a large, beautiful and well-formed porcelain garlic. Much like the shallots, I’ve chosen a spot that has not been used to plant onions or leeks before and hasn’t been manured for at least two years. Cloves are fat and hard. TOPPING STIFFNECK GARLIC: Stiffneck garlic will form flower stalks, called garlic scapes. Purple-streaked, loose skinned, a big-flavoured garlic that doesn't keep long. It's similar to Silver White, or Silverskin. Softneck varieties tend to store better than hardneck, so if you are looking for long-term storage, this type is the one to choose. Most bulbs have more cloves than our standard German White Stiffneck. This extra protection will encourage root growth, so plants are ready to grow next spring. The cloves peel easily, and store well into February and longer. Just nip off the flower bud if one appears and keep the area weed-free until the foliage turns yellow in mid summer. Porcelain Hardneck . Rocambole garlic . Stores up A gourmet garlic. If you are used to having even a reasonable success with onions then you should have no problems at all with growing garlic as their cultivation needs are almost identical. German White – Also known as German Extra-Hardy, Northern White and German Stiffneck, depending on location, is a large robust Porcelain garlic. It is cold hardy and is subject to few pests. Most bulbs have more cloves than our standard German White Stiffneck. Not much can be done to control or prevent that problem except rotating your crops and cleaning up the area after harvesting. I harvest my German White Hardneck Garlic. ‘Music’ and ‘Polish Softneck’ also have done well in trials in chillier Michigan, along with ‘German White’, which tastes spicier than ‘Music’ and produces large bulbs.

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