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with, and the Hellfire Torch kills MEQs almost as well as a supercharged plasma gun at BS2+ and averages more damage per shot than a meltagun at 6" in a gamemode where you're guaranteed to run into multiwound models. Also, keep in mind that you'll have to do this FAST. Taken by an Hornblower of the Dark God's daemon type - Khorne by Bloodletters, Nurgle by Plaguebearers etc. Find a Gift List Your Gift Lists Mobile Menu Categories Search. With access to both Chaos Marines and Chaos Cultists, you can be more flexible than the IG or Loyalist Marines and field Cheap Fodder CQC Cultists alongside Plasma Wielding Marines. Would be really good if not for the fact that it comes at 2CP and that "Grandfather's Blessing" exists. Pop this, get an easy D3 blast. chaos chaos daemons Daemons featured Kill Team kill team tactics Tactics, ©  2020 Goonhammer. To be fair, they are 8p per unit in comparison to the 3p per unit of the poxwalkers, but still, a save roll of 6+ pretty much pays for itself, considering how difficult it can be for the poxwalkers to prove their worth on the field. 4,41 … A Khorne Berzerker Champion Zealot with this has S8 and 5 attacks on the charge, and gets to Fight twice for a total of 10 attacks. Horrors’ primary gimmick is that when a Pink Horror is reduced to 0 wounds it doesn’t take an injury roll, it’s just removed from play and replaced with two Blue Horrors, and when a Blue Horror dies it’s just replaced with a Pair of Brimstone Horrors (this is only one model, but it packs 2 attacks). The problem is the head and the electric generator on the back. And considering the enemy will know exactly what you want to do and probably be able to counter it quite well, it's not going to last on the tabletop. Actually got support after release unlike literally every other non-Core faction. 44,56 EUR + livraison . No need to overcomplicate things. Still overpriced compared to other factions, but at least its cheaper than Mallex which means you can fit more negavolts in missions with mandatory commanders. A 6 on a D6 is low odds for 2CP, especially given its only a mortal wound that has a 50% chance to kill. Drukhari With a pathetic S2 T2, even Fire Warriors are going to beat them in melee. This page was last edited on 25 October 2020, at 18:54. To take advantage of all of the specialisms, you want a plasma sniper and a heavy/demo heavy bolter. Aspiring Sorcerer with warpflame pistol (Leader), 18 pts, Rubric Marine with warpflamer (Demolitions), 20 pts, Rubric Marine Gunner with soulreaper cannon (Heavy), 20 pts. Unlike vanilla CSM, your marines can actually buff your mook horde and use them as literal meat shields. The best gun with +20" they have is the lasgun, and everyone knows that shooting them at the longest possible setting is inviting trouble. livraison: + 13,93 EUR livraison . After that, you'll either pick a couple of extra marines, and two flamer cultists, and as many regular cultist as you can with the remaining points. Warhammer 40K Nurgle Death Guard Chaos Plague Space Marines Kill Team. And sadly, if you're playing Commanders/Elites, your commander won't be able to choose the "strategist" specialism, so no extra CP for you. Once they are wounded, you could charge them to try and get as many wounds as possible. Flesh wounds are a thing, meaning that with your FNP you have three layers of saves, assuming anyone can hit and wound you in the first place. It uses every model in the kit but one Guardsman, the Spindle Drones and the Ur-Ghuls. but the real beauty is the thunder hammer. Using the hammer, 4 attacks of BS3+, rerolling the failures. Keep in mind that the stratagem that increases the invulnerables costs 2p, so you have to keep an eye on their consumption, use it when you are at a close striking force of the enemy. Pricey and niche but at least you only use it in the morale phase, so its unlikely to be wasted. A specialist rogue psyker should be veteran, so it never gets affected by either wounds or leadership tests (because really, what else? Also, against a smart Tau player, they pretty much won't ever EVER win. The cheapest commander we can get at 26pts. My details and settings My address book My payment methods My order history My Virtual Vouchers Create or View your Gift List Log out. Its fluffy but its making a bad thing worse. Rogue Psykers are the more expensive units of the bunch. Now with the regular humans. Page 1 of 2 - Chaos 200 point killteam - posted in x HERETIC ASTARTES x: Im thinking of going to a kill team tournament on the weekend and wanted to hear your suggestions. Virtually no Shooting game beyond Vulgrar's belly flamer and the Sludge-Grubs' spit. Prime candidate for Grandfather's Blessing. Having 2 doubles up on psykers when you can only use one at a time, but it also allows you to keep your CP gen out of the grinder while also having the Icon's psychic damage and a target to use the Comms buff on. Shoot them back to death. They can tarpit a lot of armies and help you play the objective game and the ability to use Pestilential Aura to make themselves even harder to hit can put them close to Pink Horrors in terms of being difficult to dislodge. Tau need to shoot them all as soon as possible. The Gellerpox Infected have a lot of small units that could do a lot of damage by their side-effects, but when it comes to regular, reliable combat, they have way less options. Starting with the traitor astartes, we have the aspiring champion, the toughest guy you could take in the basic game. Everything that has at least 3-5 attacks should at least wound them. Horror Instruments are perhaps the least useful, but the Comms specialist at least has some value to them as they have shooting attacks. Whilst your Dark Apostle has access to an armoury that’s not included in his kit or legal in 40K, his other Prayers are not represented. This isn’t reliable enough to make it worth taking, making it potentially the worst of the Icon options. Its hellfire flamethrower is 8", Assault D6, S5 -1 AP 2D. the only other option you have is krak grenades to crack harder targets. This trait has some real power - particularly against Ad Mech, Guard, Tau, or any other faction that hugs cover and shoots you. It's still L6, it's going to be at risk at all times, and be terrified after a wound or two). Use your CP wisely, or you won't be able to push your way through many of the other teams. And considering it's a single S3 AP0 shot, there will be times when all the lasguns in the world do nothing. Also, no disgustingly resilient, so the damage it gets, it will hurt. Necrons can deal with them by just spamming necron warriors. We’ll be posting a new one every day for the next couple of weeks – so check back each day to learn more when your faction goes live. Ironically it's the regular mutants and the eyeswarms what should worry you, their frequent access to mortal wounds will make your invulnerable save pointless. I’m generally of the mind that Bloodletters are better than Daemonettes, as the AP-3 and extra damage potential outweigh the benefits of making it into combat faster. No invul save and being basically harmless from more than 8", it is going to die sooner than later. We're talking 5" of movement at most here. Note that once a Specialist Pink Horror splits, neither of the blue horrors retains a specialism so if your Horror leader splits, you lose the CP bonus. Admech and IG will need to spam tons of plasma against it, whereas everyone else will have bigger and tougher units to keep Malleux distracted long enough. Allowing you to advance in the movement phase with no penalty and guaranteeing any charge within 8” will be shredded by overwatch (still watch out for harlequins and howling banshees tho). 9/4/2018. These aren’t really good enough to make up for not being able to take multiple daemon types, but they do help if you only want to run Bloodletters or something. They all grant the same effect. Originally introduced in White Dwarf in July 2019 and then reprinted in the 2019 Kill Team Annual, Chaos Daemons Kill Teams finally give Daemons players a way to get in on the action. Maybe not as intended, but allows for the potential of multi-God Kill-teams. With so few choices, you really don’t have to overthink things much here. Units like the negavolts and the psyker are priority targets. If you’re playing with the ITC Rules from the 2020 Las Vegas Open, Chaos Daemons get access to four subfaction bonuses but unlike other Kill Team subfactions, these have a major restriction – you only get the bonus if every model in your kill team is a daemon of the same god. nurgle: FOUL ENDURANCE All models in your team gain Feel No Pain (6+) special rule. The cultist champion has access to a shotgun, which you're going to give to him considering that there's no point to it outside of it (maybe the extra leadership? Search Search. Still, as an alternative to the CSM team, I feel this should be better. 2-1 chaos imo map pool looking the same for both team if you ask me nuke will go chaos way i do think liquid will take dust 2 which chaos wont take it imo mirage/inferno should the last 1 which i think chaos will take. This suffers perils of the warp at doubles, so instead of risking head explosion at 2D6 rolls of 2 or 12, it has much bigger chances of hurting itself, around 6/21 times (2/7 times). Cool if you are fighting really massed infantry, if not then it is rather meh, especially for 2 CP. This team is very CP expensive. Lastly, we have the negavolt cultists. Limited weapon selection, literally two guns and a heavy for Rubricae. 6 attacks of WS2+ means that there is 5/6 chances of all dice getting in. Are you ever going to use this? Don't get cocky because they only have S2 T2, they are not there to kill you, they are there to stall you. A full tempestus team with a couple of plasmas to deal with the hulks should be enough. Only exception is maybe ditching the Horror Hornblower because it doesn't do much for them. Aspiring Champion with chainsword and plasma pistol, 14 pts (Leader), Chaos Space Marine Gunner with heavy bolter, 16 pts (Heavy), Chaos Space Marine Gunner with plasma gun, 16 pts (Sniper), Chaos Space Marine with chainsword, 12pts (Zealot), Chaos Space Marine with chainsword, 12 pts, Chaos Space Marine with boltgun and Icon of Flame, 17 pts, Aspiring Champion with power sword and plasma pistol, 15 pts (Leader), Chaos Space Marine with chainsword, 12pts (Combat), Chaos Space Marine with chainsword and Icon of Wrath, 17 pts, Chaos Cultist Champion with brutal assault weapon, 5 pts, Chaos Cultist with brutal assault weapon, 4 pts, Chaos Cultist Gunner with heavy stubber, 5 pts, Aspiring Champion with power sword, plasma pistol, and Icon of Vengeance 19 pts (Leader), 8 Chaos Cultists with brutal assault weapons and autopistols, 32 pts. The rest need to bring the flies down before they arrive to melee. +1 to charge and advance rolls for their model type within 6". SotA will have problems with them, but that's where you want you negavolt cultists and your rogue psyker to carry your team, while the black legionnaires boost them and the rest deal with the cultists. Other Chaos teams have ways to deal with astartes' high saves, though cultists will be able to give poxwalkers a run for their money, considering how weak they are without the disgustingly resilient rule. With 2 attacks (3 against Imperium, 4 with the right speciality and 5 with the chainsword, but why would you give it that, though?) In a multi-person match, you'll be the first one focused down after the guy with four frag cannons. 44,56 EUR + livraison . The Greater Possessed and Possessed mush share a Mark of Chaos. Not great on the Launcher but its not like your other models can really use the specialism. Roll one D6. A decent force multiplier for toyr traitor guard by giving a traitor guardsman +2 advance and charge rolls a d they get to use his leadership. Plasmguns, Boltgun, and Combi-Bolter all benefits, but are points inefficient once you cut the firepower in half after advancing. Strats for playing against this faction go here. Nurgle's Babies still don't have psykers in Kill Team, or a proper defense against psychic powers, and that's a fairly serious problem when use of the psychic phase has been expanded as much as it has, which will obviously mean that your opponent can easily bypass your high toughness and armour save, and put d3 wounds up against DR and flesh wounds. Use the stratagem to increase the invuilnerable save of the negavolts. Electric Boogaloo", 9 units, 200p. Otherwise you'll be overrun. Kill the kill team, they rely on developed players, mercilessly target their best players with removal and you might get a conceede from them early on. Dark Legionnaires are just basic marines, so everyone will have had developed a way to deal with them, either in melee or at a distance. And unlike GK only select TS models are psykers. Combine that with 3+/4++ and hardy constitutions (if it gets a wound, rolla D6, and ignores the wound when 6+), and ignoring the first flesh wound thanks to it being an astartes. GI did take 4th at LVO. This completes the examination of the Chaos Space marine for kill team. Iridescent Horror – Leader Plagueridden – Leader Pink Horror – Veteran Pink Horror Instrument – Comms Pink Horror – Demolitions Bloodreaper – Combat Bloodletter – Veteran, Pink Horror Pink Horror Pink Horror Pink Horror Pink Horror Pink Horror Bloodletter Icon Bloodletter Instrument Bloodletter Bloodletter Plaguebearer Plaguebearer Plaguebearer. No commanders for you. Similar to Icons, each model type can take an Instrument, which gives +1 to Advance and Charge rolls made for Daemons of that type within 6″. You could even take some of the basic chaos cultists and just use them. That wraps up our look at Chaos Daemons Kill Teams – not particularly complicated, but by no means weak. Being new, Chaos Daemons get the short end of the stick with regard to Tactics. Teams in Tier 2 were designed to win on average 45% to 35% of their games. This combination makes it the best sniper of your team, though it is probably somewhat mediocre compared to the choices of other teams. And they will always outnumber you. Something to keep in mind, the Split ability includes the line "If these models cannot be set up, this ability has no effect". Much better at melee and close range than long distances, they have little to no answer to weapons like the AdMech's Galvanic Rifle or something with more than 30" range. Page; Discussion; More. While Horrors lack a powerful melee attack, they more than make up for it by having a 4+ invulnerable save, being Psykers (with the Psybolt power) and having the faction’s only shooting attack – an 18” S3, Assault 2 shot that’s not great but is something. Rancid Vomit makes them attack a unit at 6" or less of the model: throw 3D6, and for each 5+, you make a mortal wound. AdMech have the Radium Carbines for this, and their toughness of 4+/6++ can pretty much tank most of the attacks done here. Which turns him into an excellent distraction carnifex, that could strike fear into the enemy by stomping one terminator or two on the way. So we're going to focus on vanilla first, and then a quick view of the commander. Warhammer 40K Nurgle Death Guard Chaos Space Marines Havocs Kill Team . Pink Horrors have access to the Demolitions and Veterans specialisms. I understand the list has to adapt to the Blackstone Fortress box, but now that most of those units are being released separately, GW should re-work this. Still, Leaving the Captain with 1-2 wounds after a single attack is amazing. Regular marines will have enough firepower to deal with the traitor scum, while the units with basic equipment will pretty much always kill the cultists. After parting with their Swedish squad in September 2019, they entered the … A Shield Captain with Fortitude will save successful wounds with 6+, so that might make it extra chuncky. With that said, they are going to be targeted quite a lot, so avoid throwing them wildly at the enemy, plus they could break with morale, due to how weak the rest of the team is. Also, you don't want to give the specialities to this guys, those are for the marines. 9 comments: Unknown 4 January 2014 at 19:05. You have room on your roster to swap all the Bloodletters for Daemonettes one for one, for when you want mobility, such as when facing melee-weak glass cannons like Guard and Tau. If you want the chains, you'll have to search for someone selling some rigid chains or add one of those transparent supports to get the unit to simulate the floating effect. Unlike all other space marines, your Rubric Marines do not have Transhuman Physiology, meaning if they do take (flesh) wounds, or if you have to patch them up with a. It contains all the rules required to add these powerful hero characters to your Kill Team battles and campaigns at a variety of balanced skill levels and provides missions designed to showcase these miniatures in open, narrative and matched play. Mix the two, have your disposable units soak up psybolts (that have to target the nearest visible enemy model), and enjoy your Storm Shields surviving into the shooting/fight phases. So put them to run, preferibly close to the Black Legionnaires in case of them needing a quick meatshield. Pink horrors may be one of the best objective catchers in the game, All units may prove useful depending on opponent and mission. Chaos Kill Team - posted in Chaos Army Lists: Elites; Chosen Chaos Marine Power Weapon Furious Charge Chosen Chaos Marine Melta Gun Feel No Pain Chosen Chaos Marine Melta Gun Stealth 2 Chosen Chaos Marines Melta Guns 3 Chosen Chaos Marines 199 Pts. Iridescent Horrors are the squad leaders for Pink Horrors and capable of being Leader specialists. Not even thematically correct ones from other factions. They are made to hold objectives and to soak up damage meant for others. It has a flamer equivalent (Assault D6 S4 AP0) with a 6++ save (the regular mutants have better invuilnerable, lol), disgustingly resilience and a leadership penalty to closer enemies. Movement is key, and the arquebus has none. Chaos Marine Gunners rather basic: options range between heavy bolter, plasma rifle, flamer and meltagun. Foul chaos warriors to death. Mixed teams is going to be the best option. These Nurgley Bois are the tanks of the Daemon army. You know what these do, don't expect miracles from them. First, let's make one thing very clear. Wounding at 2+ to a Custodes is really freaking good. Being so cheap means more beastmen and negavolts while he synergizes well with having a ogyrn to take the hits for him. Teams in Tier 1.5 are designed to win on average 50% to 40% of their games. 2020-10-09 20:01 #27. EliGE | Drxy. Kill Team: Chaos Daemons v1.0 1 CHAOS DAEMONS Codex: Chaos Daemons This team list uses the special rules and wargear found in Codex: Chaos Daemons and the official White Dwarf August 2012 update. Alternatively, use on a model with Grandfather's Blessing and a Flail to up their wound rolls against the bad boy. Might even get more as new BSF expansions are written and/or converted. Most armies have enough long range weaponry to deal with them, and considering the overal low toughness of the team, it's not difficult to wipe them out. This means that if it hits a marine with a 6+, a 5p unit can kill the marine on the spot. Good if you prefer to keep your enemy at arms length for the first and second battle round, but still want to get in those mortal wounds! Chaos then jumped out to a 9-0 advantage on Train before closing out a 16-8 victory. This makes it a lethal member of your team, with the drawback of it being a rather obvious target. The cursemite is one of those units that can't be any specialism or gain experience. They consist of the four basic troop daemons – Bloodletters, Horrors, Plaguebeaerers, and Daemonettes, though you can take champions, banners, and instruments for each as well. The Champions get an extra attack and give you the option to take a either a power fist or other power weapon. That is dangerous if it ever reaches melee. 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